Blockchain is one of the most disruptive technologies that has the potential to make business processes more efficient, transparent, scalable and immutable and has the potential to radically transform how business interact and transact. Our mission is to transition the business to the decentralized networks and make business processes programmable, self ‐orchestrating and transparent.

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Why HashCloud

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HashCloud is ultra modular. With out-of-the-box tooling, templates, business and integration modules the platform expands to fit your decentralization goals.

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Multi-Cloud, Multi Chain

The platform works as per your needs when you want where you want. You no longer have to stick to one cloud provider and blockchain protocol, the platform follows your journey.

Enterprise-grade support
Enterprise-grade support

By combing state of the art cloud technologies and engineering excellence, we make sure that your blockchain infrastructure has at least 99% uptime.


With state of the art tooling and ecosystem, we abstract the complexities of transitioning your business to the decentralized world. No extensive blockchain experience needed.

Privacy centric

privacy and confidentiality is the core of HashCloud. Using advanced cryptography such as ZKP, FHE we add privacy layer for public blockchain protocols.

seamless experience across chains

HashCloud supports both public and permissioned networks. By using inter ledger protocol, HashCorp plan to provide business seamless experience across chains.

Out of the box support for advanced technologies

machine learning
Machine Learning

When Blockchain and ML converge there is an opportunity to build better models. Data is the backbone for Machine learning. Blockchain could add a lot of value to the ML space, in sourcing quality data and in protecting & validating ML models. With built-in modules for ML, you can start leveraging HashCloud in your ML pipeline with little to no effort.


The convergence of IoT and Blockchain opens up whole new opportunities for business such as secure asset tracking, M-2-M payments, and self-executing contracts. With out-of-the-box integration modules for IoT, you can start connecting your Devices to blockchain networks.

Transform your business with blockchain

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