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Privacy is a critical component in order for the business to fully leverage public blockchains for digital transactions. No enterprise would want to put all of the information on public blockchain which can be access by anyone including their competitors. We believe lack of scalable privacy preserving platform in the public blockchain space is one of the big impediment for global blockchain adoption for enterprise workloads, and hence are investing significant effort in combining secure computation and distributed ledger technology to provide a secure computation of data in a fully decentralized and trustless setup.

Tokenization of Everything:

Tokenization and security tokens is an exciting space and unarguably one of the most promising usecase for distributed ledger technology. Though a very promising area, the technology, and the regulation have a long way to go before this tokenizations become mainstream. We are focusing on the advancing technology and exploring the tooling and services needed to seamlessly manage the process of tokenization.


Lack of Scalability in existing public blockchain protocols needs no introduction. There are many different proposals such as side chains, sharding, off chain computation and the combination of the ones mentioned that were put forth by the blockchain community to tackle the scalability problem. Some new protocols claim to have cracked the scalability challenge in a controlled environment, the real test of the projects would come when the protocols go live. We are exploring a way to tackle the problem using new consensus algorithms in combination with offchain computation.

Formal verification and Virtual machines:

Bugs in smart contracts could be deadly and potentially cost millions of dollars. As blockchain becomes widely adopted in financial services and business processes, it’s critical to have a way to find bugs early on before the contracts get deployed. We are exploring tools and new smart contracting languages to minimize and potentially make it easy to surface those during the development process.

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